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Outdoor Landscape Photography Exhibition Crowd Funding Start

Artist Impression Outdoor Landscape Photography ExhibitionAn outdoor exhibition of large-scale Landscape Photography to engage the Whakatane community through the beautification of this space.

We are raising funds to realise a public outdoor exhibition of large-scale Landscape Photography to inform, educate and beautify the Whakatane Strand.

Utilizing unused wall and building space in Wharaurangi (the Gap), we propose to print large prints of the work of Ohope based Landscape photographer Ebony Whitaker.

We will couple this with the title #mylandscapephotography which will encourage, promote and educate over social media, the posting and sharing of the communities (aimed at youth demographic) own Landscape Photography images.

By bringing these works directly into the community, we will continue to break-down the barriers between art creators and art consumers, and hopefully increase the number of ethnically and age diverse people who are interested in art and who may find their own creative streak in the process.

So far we have already succesfully raised $1200 through the Creative Communities Scheme for this project.

Please see the breakdown of costs below:

  • The hiring of the wall space for two months is $400
  • The bond for the wall space is $500
  • The printing, installation and removal of images on self adhesive material is $3890
  • Kickstater fees $199
  • Processing fees $199 

The total of these costs is $5188 minus the amount we have already raised leaves us with a total of $3988 still to for this project to happen.

If you would like to help us turn this idea into a reality for everyone to enjoy and secure yourself one of the featured prints, please donate what you can.

Please click on the below link to view the campaign:

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