All products are now available but we can't guarantee standard delivery times, as things are on the tilt.😂

"Returning to the East" a Landscape Photography Exhibition by Ebony Whitaker Update

Mmmmmmm, these are the only products that have arrived (crooked COVID delivery times)😂 for the “Returning to the East” Landscape Photography Exhibition, so Jolene (the exhibit curator at Tairawhiti Museum) and I have decided to push the date back by one week (which should give as plenty of wiggle room), with a new start date of Saturday the 6th of June.👍🏾

My interactions with the Printer (Photobook New Zealand), Courier (DHL) and the Museum have left me feeling bowled over by how understanding they have being, with a wiliness to just help in the nicest way possible, thankyou COVID.🤗

The products hiding beneath this packaging have got me foaming and I am holding my breath to get the rest of them and share them with you all. Yeeeeeeeew!🤭

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