Kia ora, I am Ebony owner of Fine Art Landscape Photography or FALP for short. Today I want to discuss cameras.
As somebody who loooooves photography is hard not to get a bit excited about the tools of the trade. Rather than discuss the huge variety of camera types, brands and models currently on the market, I thought it would be more helpful to take you through the process I used to decide which camera would be most suitable for my specific needs.
As a specialist in landscape photography the thing that was most important to me was image quality. There are many different ways this can be measured including colour depth, dynamic range and low light ISO.
After looking at all of the camera types on the market my shortlist included Medium Format, Mirrorless and DSLR.
Medium Format
Reputed to have the best image quality as it has the largest camera sensor of all three formats, however upon further research the difference in image quality is hard to quantify and it is hard to justify the cost difference.
The image quality is comparable to DSLR however as is comparatively new to the market it does not have the same range of accessories as the DSLR.
With banging image quality, a huge range of accessories and good value for money, I decided that this was the best option on the market for a landscape photographer in 2018.
In looking at the DSLR market there is a large variety of brands available. I looked at reviews from multiple reputable sources and came to the conclusion that a Nikon D850 would provide me what many consider the best image quality on the market at the time.
It is important to remember that a camera is simply a tool to capture a photograph and that you can capture an epic photo with any camera.
Please click on the below links if you would like more information on the subject.
Happy shooting

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