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Time Of Day

Kai ora, I am Ebony owner of Fine Art Landscape Photography or FALP for short. Today I want to share with you a little about what time of day is best to take photographs.
Time of the day is something that is often overlooked. Most photographs are taken in the hours that people are active which is often around in the middle of the day. I would suggest the best time to shoot is within a window of 30 mins prior to and 30 mins after sunrise and sunset. Shooting at these times of the day will have the largest positive impact on your photographs.
The reasons for this are outlined below
The light at this time of the day has less contrast and your camera sensor is more easily able to capture the full range of detail.
At and after sunrise and before and during sunset the colour temperature at is warmest (red).
Before sunrise and sunset the light is at its coolest tone (blue).
If you don’t want to include people in your photos then this is a lot easier to do at these times of days.
I have included example images taken at the following times:
  1. 30 mins prior to sunrise
  2. At sunrise
  3. 30 mins after sunrise
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Happy shooting

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