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Kia ora, I am Ebony owner of Fine Art Landscape Photography or FALP for short. Today I want to share with you about what is ideal weather conditions to take landscape photos.
It may be surprising to hear that you can shoot in all weather conditions. Please see my recommendations below.
  1. Fine: When the weather is fine this is ideal if you are looking for your images to be drenched in golden light.
  1. Partly Cloudy: When the weather is partly cloudy this will give you the best chance to capture colourful sunrises and sunsets.
  1. Full Cloud: When the weather is full cloud this is ideal for shooting trees and plants. This also enables you to shoot for a longer period throughout the day as there is less contrast and the camera is able to capture the full dynamic range.
  1. Raining: You can shoot even when it is raining as long as you have the means to keep your equipment and yourself dry however it will be hard to predict what the final image may look like.
So as you can see there that regardless of the weather there is no reason not to keep taking photos.
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Happy shooting

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