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What Is a Landscape Photographer

Kai ora, I am Ebony owner of Fine Art Landscape Photography or FALP for short. Today I want to share with you a little about what a Landscape Photographer is.

It may seem obvious, but the most common responses that I get when I am asked “what do you do for a living” and I respond with “I am a landscape photographer”. Is either a nod of the head but a look in the eyes that clearly says to me, I have no idea what that means, but I will just pretend to know what it is you are talking about. Or they just hear the word “Landscape” and respond, “so you are a gardener”?!
So, you ask with enthusiasm “what is a Landscape Photographer?”. A job where you most often photograph NATURE but in addition to this it can also include man-made scenes. It often excludes the presence of people and animals. I think it is fair to say that a scene that is mostly made up of an environment can considered a landscape photograph.
Landscape Photography is often referred to by other names such as

  • Scenic Photography
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Nature Photography
Other types of photography which may fit into the landscape photography category are
  • Travel Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Garden Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
As I am saying this, I have realized that in an effort to clarify what is Landscape Photography, that there is no clear-cut definition and ultimately it is up to the photographer what definition best suits their work.
Here are some of the recent landscapes I have photographed, they are of the local areas of Eastern Bay of Plenty and Gisborne where I currently live and work. If you like them, head over to to purchase a photographic gallery wrapped canvas.
Look out for more from me over the next coming months, with some tips I have learnt along the way.
Happy shooting

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