All products are now available but we can't guarantee standard delivery times, as things are on the tilt.😂

Frothing to announce the Fine Art Landscape Photography (FALP) Calendar Range 2021 is now available online and in retailers near you (hopefully).🤦🏾

Thanks so much to Whitcoulls and Paperplus helping bring this product to life by stocking it.
These are the most environmentally friendly calendars on the market in New Zealand, printed locally by Print House in Hamilton, using Vegetable Oil Based Inks and on FSC Certified Paper.👍🏾
While Im proud of the entire range, it is fair to say I have a soft spot for the Eco New Zealand Calendar 2021, as it also includes Eco Pure Biodegradable Wrapping by Action HQ, a FSC Certified Paper Envelope (for postage) and a FSC Certified Cardboard Stiffener, made from 100% recycled material (to avoid the flopping of the product).🥳
By investing in this product you are helping to support the environment, local business here at home and of course my passion for photography.☺️
It might be time to let the dust out of those wallets?😂