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Image of the Week 4

Image of the Week 4

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Boardwalk over Geothermal Pool, Kuirau Park, Rotorua

The Rotorua region is part of my Maori Heritage, (Te Arawa with subtribes Ngāti Whakaue
and Ngāti Rangiwewehi) which gives it a very special significance. Being in here always makes me feel so connected  to the our indigenous ancestors of Aotearoa.
The boardwalk leads your eye into the image and appears to disappear and float in a cloud of geothermal steam.
Kia Ora everybody,
For those of you who don’t know, my name is Ebony Whitaker and I am a Maori (1/16th) 😂 landscape photographer who runs Fine Art Landscape Photography, a small business here in New Zealand.
This is the fourth of a series of emails sent at the beginning of each week which will include a photograph and a few scribbles.

The alert level has changed today and my mind racing with questions like, have I achieved my goals over this time and what do I need to do as a priority? As the pace of life speeds up for us all, I believe it is even more important that we keep our connection with the natural world.🦚

I invite you to take a few moments from your day to review this image mindfully and consider your own personal response?
In support of this initiative can you please share this email or post with anyone who you think would also enjoy receiving it. 🤔

Here at FALP feedback is always encouraged, so feel free to flick me an email, message or comment on social media.🙌🏾

Thank you for supporting my photography by taking the time to review this email. Yeeeeeeeeew!🤟🏾