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Image of the Week 5

Image of the Week 5

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Fantail Falls and Haast River, Mount Aspiring National Park

This area stood out to me, on a recent photographic journey around New Zealand with the family camper (thanks Dad).
Every time I made my way around another corner in the road, each view seemed more spectacular than the last, it really did blow my mind and is a landscape photographers wet dream😂. Put that one on your bucket list pleeeeeeease.

The light itself was on the bounce, so I framed up the shot and waited  with enthusiastic optimism that the sun would hide for long enough for me to real one off.
I used a circular polariser to reduce the reflection on the water, rocks and the native bush which makes those greens siiiiiiing.🦚
The different direction of the waterfall and river makes it an interesting photo for your eye to move around.🤓
It makes me feel a deep sense of calm and I hear myself taking a deep breathe as I am writing this.

Kia Ora everybody,
For those of you who don’t know, my name is Ebony Whitaker and I am a Maori (1/16th)😂landscape photographer who runs Fine Art Landscape Photography, a small business here in New Zealand.
This is the fifth of a series of emails sent at the beginning of each week which will include a photograph and a few scribbles.

Life feels like it is heading towards the new normal but I am continuing to soak up the abundance of having restrictions, and staying in the present moment (well giving it my best crack anyway).

Perhaps, consider how does this image make you feel?🤔

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