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Image of the Week 7 Free Wallpaper

Image of the Week 7 Free Wallpaper

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Dusk over Wellington City from Mount Victoria Lookout 

Ahhhhhhhh, my all time favourite city in New Zealand, overflowing with art, mindful food and coffee and abundant access to the natural world. Wellington somehow manages to feel unlike any other city I have ever visited. A lot of people bang on about how cold it is here, but my positively Wellington attitude is to put on more clothes and get out there. The almost constant wind here makes feel even more connected to nature, even in the heart of this vibrant place. I looooove the way the moon, stars and lights are captured in this 30 second exposure and the contrast between the warm orange foreground, with the cool blue night sky overhead. This image makes me feel a deep sense of space and fills me with the urge to make windy Wellington my new home.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm F2.8G ED
Tripod: Manfrotto 190D

Bag: Lowepro Protactic 450 AW
ISO: 640
Focal Length: 14 mm
Aperture: f / 16
Speed: 30.0 sec

Kia Ora everybody,

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Ebony Whitaker and I am a Maori landscape photographer who runs Fine Art Landscape Photography, a small business here in New Zealand.

This is the seventh of a series of emails sent at the middle of the week, which will include an exclusive photograph (not yet published) and a few scribbles. I didn’t manage this email last week as I was busy preparing for upcoming Landscape Photography Exhibition “Returning to the East” at the Tairawhiti Museum in Gisborne which starts this Saturday the 6th of June. Everyone is welcome (well almost just no groups larger than ? people).😂

I invite you to take a moment to view this photo and think about how it makes you feel?🤔

Please share this email or post with anyone who you think would also enjoy receiving it.

Here at FALP feedback is always encouraged, so feel free to flick me an email, message or comment on social media.🙌🏾

Thank you for supporting my photography by taking the time to review this email. Yeeeeeeeeew! 🤟🏾