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Image of the Week 1

Image of the Week 1

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Mangahuia Stream, Tongariro National Park

After a day exploring Tongariro National Park and getting my trigger finger on I arrived to this DOC campsite later than expected but continued to be seduced by the clear mountain light and found myself knee deep in this icy mountain stream surrounded by alpine forest. With the froth of the potential image on offer, I hardly noticed that my feet where turning blue as I framed up the shot. The resulting photograph represents the clean green New Zealand  concept more than any other that I have taken and makes me feel a deep sense of calm.

Kia Ora everybody,
For those of you who don’t know, my name is Ebony Whitaker and I am a Maori landscape photographer who runs Fine Art Landscape Photography, a small business here in New Zealand.

My intention in sending this weekly email is to inspire you to reconnect with nature which is something we could all do more of in this fast paced modern day world.

With the Covid-19 in full swing here at home and around the globe, I understand this is a gnarly time for all of us. For me, it has created an opportunity to slow down and think about what I would like my business to look like now and in the future and how to make that happen.
This is the first of a series of emails sent at the beginning of each week which will include a photograph and a story of how it was captured.
I invite you to take a few moments to review this image mindfully and consider how it makes you feel? (love to hear from you, please reply) In support of this initiative can you please share this with anyone who you think would also loooooove it!

Thank you for supporting my photography by taking the time to read this email. Yeeeeeeew!